I help adults and teens dealing with anxiety and panic, life transitions, grief, trauma, and self-esteem. Therapy with me gives you a space to get out of the worry cycle and figure stuff out.

Is there a little voice in your head criticizing and questioning every decision?
Nothing ever feels good enough, like you can’t do anything right.

Are you finding life to be much more difficult and unpredictable than you anticipated?
You’ve worked hard to get where you are, but still feel like you fall short.

Are you having trouble controlling your emotions or understanding why you do things?
It feels like things should be a certain way but aren’t.

You’re tired of looking around and wondering why everyone else knows what they’re doing. You feel like you’re running on fumes,
not knowing how to get where you want to go, or constantly putting out little fires.

Let’s find relief from what feels overwhelming and figure some stuff out.

anxiety therapy austin

anxiety & stress

Therapy helps you get to the root of what’s going on to relieve your symptoms and create the life you’re hoping for.

teen therapy austin

teens & parents

Feeling disconnected from your teen? Therapy for them or the whole family can help your family reconnect and heal.

emdr therapy austin

Emdr Therapy

Effective treatment for a variety of symptoms, including: trauma & PTSD, anxiety, anger, and chronic pain.


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Hi! I’m Ashleigh and I’m a counselor in Austin.

I’ve been a therapy client for much of my life - I know how crucial it is to find a therapist that just “gets” you. I remember spending so much time awkwardly meeting strangers, feeling unable to open up, or figure out what was eating at me. At best it’s discouraging, and at worst it’s hopeless. Finding a good therapist shouldn’t be such a struggle.

Let’s untangle life’s cords so things can make sense. If you want to to chat first, I offer a free 20-minute consultation to see if I could be a good fit for you. If you’re ready to get started (or just hate talking on the phone), you can text 512-549-8189, email ashleighmft@gmail.com, or schedule your appointment online. I see clients at my office in Westlake Hills and online through a secure video platform.

You can click here to learn more about my approach and how I work or check out my specialties. If you’re going through something I haven’t mentioned, please feel free to reach out to see if I can help you, or so that I can connect you with someone who can. I look forward to helping you!